I have often heard it said or seen it written that it is good to travel and see the world. However, I’ve always associated that saying with the rich and wealthy. Fortunately, my perspective has changed since I took the initiative to do so myself.

One experience that truly altered this association for me was traveling with Ghana News Guide’s “WE TOUR”. This recent edition of “WE TOUR” provided me with new perspectives and engendered exciting new experiences. For a writer like me who writes through the African experience, particularly Ghanaian because that is what I know; I can tell you for sure that my experience as a journalist and writer has been enriched by this tourism group

Firstly, the Ghana News Guide’s “WE TOUR” allowed me to understand that traveling is not exclusive to the privileged few. By joining this initiative, I realized that traveling can be accessible and enjoyable for people from different walks of life. “WE TOUR” is designed to make travel experiences more affordable and inclusive, providing opportunities for individuals like myself to explore the world.

Through this travel program, I had the chance to immerse myself in diverse cultures, broaden my horizons, and embrace new perspectives. Each journey with the “WE TOUR” was carefully curated, ensuring that participants, regardless of their background, could engage with local communities and experience the authentic beauty of each destination.

My thoughtful reader, allow me this esteemed privilege to regale you with my newfound experience with the WE TOUR group but first, let me put a rod on this narrative by informing you of what the group is about.

WE TOUR is a tourism group that focuses on providing edutainment, and adventure, and implicit in the adventure is a networking collaboration that makes ” WE TOUR” exceptionally unique. I very much expected that participants of the tour would hold themselves away from one another by smarming up to each other in rivulet groups of familiarity so I invited a friend to keep me company but I was swerved.

I walked into the bus blithely hoping to feel an invisible but very real resistance. It was the complete opposite! The air of pleasantness in there was coaxingly inviting and happily welcoming, almost palpable, like an acceptance aroma waiting to have me belong. The people were great! In fact, so great were the people that I found myself blending in with ease to elevate the group experience.

This median edition had us visiting one of the most prestigious festivals in Ghana. I and all others on the tour enjoyed the recently celebrated Fetu Afahye with its rainbow festivities. The dance of Cultures was visibly and colorfully displayed in a manner that makes one proud to be a child of Ghanaian soil.

I thought we were there to experience the festival through watching. Unknown to us, a native of the Land gleefully joined the group to share with us the significance of the festival as well as the meaning of certain symbolic acts. One such act that rushes to mind is the booms of gunfire that shivered bodies, thumped hearts, and left tour members shaken. The meaning of the gunfire as I was given to understand stood for the announcing of the festival.

Another memorable moment worth talking about is the faltering of the canopy walkway that tested the courage and endurance of the “WE TOUR” members. The ladies especially made the walkway jolly with their frightful screams and distant yells as the canopy walkway shook unsteadily as if to throw them off balance. Strangely enough, it was almost as if I was deriving some chronic joy from people’s torturing fear of the already shaking walkway.

Gentle reader, it may interest you to know that one of our bravely scared ladies who carries the name Naa was so terribly frightened that our Ace photographer couldn’t help but capture her mortifying moment of panic, with all her composure and dignity forgotten.

Saforwaa, a delightful lady of the tour kept insisting I go before her to give her the needed morale to continue her walk but I suspect the hidden reason for her asking me to go before her was to avert me from violently shaking the ropes of the walkway. Well, be that as it may, it didn’t stop this writer from having his share of fun.

Additionally, the “WE TOUR” team fostered a sense of community among the travelers. Engaging in group activities and interactions allowed us to connect with like-minded individuals who shared a passion for exploration and a desire to learn. This friendly and inclusive atmosphere made the journey all the more enriching and memorable.

My dearest reader for those of you looking forward to having some fun interlaced with a good education of Ghana tourist sites, you are fortunate to be reading my share of the exhilarating “WE TOUR” experience in that, I’m pleased to inform and introduce to you that, coming this festive December, “WE TOUR ” is embarking on another exciting trip to volta – a place of dynamic cultures and thrilling activities with another rich history of their people. My participation in Ghana News Guide’s “WE TOUR” has completely transformed my perception of traveling. I now understand that exploring the world is not solely reserved for the wealthy. With the “WE TOUR” program, individuals from all walks of life can embark on affordable and inclusive journeys, discovering new cultures and expanding their horizons.

The welcoming and supportive environment created by the “WE TOUR” team has made these experiences not only accessible but also filled with joy and personal growth. I am grateful for the newfound perspectives and experiences I have gained through this incredible travel program.

WE TOUR Tourism Group is here to stay, bringing unforgettable experiences to your doorstep. Come have wonderful experiences with us on this next trip. My thoughtful reader, something is cooking, be a part of it.

Source: Abubakar Saddick Bajaku

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